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Our experience and the knowledge that we have gained from working directly with local organizations in Haiti have shown us that the integration of our programs provides those living in extreme poverty the best chance of improving their lives, and this philosophy remains part of the solution for rebuilding the image of Haiti.

Our values

FOCIH believes in the ability of local organizations in Haiti to shape and create their own vision and projects for their communities.

FOCIH believes that Haitian authorities must empower local organizations to access and manage the resources they need to be self-sufficient.

FOCIH supports these values, which are important in giving Haitian communities the tools to realize shared goals, through facilitated interaction of local organizations to select, oversee, and manage their own projects.

FOCIH is currently registered in Haiti and has offices on the island. Our organization has established a diverse team of engineers, educators, social workers, and other professionals in specialized fields to support our efforts in initiating, developing, and sustaining community programs that will help revitalize neighborhoods throughout Haiti and renew the hope of our Haitian people.

Our Board of Directors and Development Team appear below:

Jean Marc Gedeon
Project Director
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Daphney Nozier
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Miguelaille Pierre
Fort Lauderdale, FL

FOCIH team in Haiti

Claude Junior Coq 
Country Manager
Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Neil Jean Louis
Project Coordinator
Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Jude Jeudy
Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Joseline Marhone
Port-Au-Prince, Haiti



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