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Annual Report

One of FOCIH's Values is that we value stewardship, pledging to accountability and efficient management of the resources entrusted to us. We monitor and evaluate the efficacy of our programs, and conduct regular internal and external financial audits.


The Foundation to Change the Image of Haiti, Inc., (FOCIH) is a 501(C)(3) organization based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Haiti. FOCIH is a nonpartisan non-profit academic foundation dedicated to improving the quality of life in Haiti through development and support of sustainable programs.

FOCIH's mission is to strive to improve the environmental conditions, water and sanitation, and educational services for Haiti. Our primarily focus is done through various activities:

  • Global assistance to the U.S Navy in their Humanitarian Relief Programs.

  • Global assistance to the United Nations using Diasporas network in Humanitarian situations.

  • Adequate environmental and waste management. 

  • Natural disaster preparedness, mitigation and management.

  • Clean, drinking water management.

  • Social and cultural events.

Program activity overview

There were several activities of FOCIH noted in the previous years with the help of different partners, sponsors and local organizations in Haiti. These activities were to provide support to United States Navy comfort through their global Humanitarian Assistance Program, to alleviate current degraded environmental conditions for native community Haitian residents, to provide clean water and promote hand washing sanitation solutions, to enhance natural disaster preparedness training for textile employees, and to organize social and cultural events involving youth to stay out of crime.  




Date(s) of Service


Description of Service, Benefit, Assistance or Program Activity

Hollywood, Florida


January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015


FOCIH held several briefing events to meet the Haitian diasporas.

With $800 money contribution received from private individuals,

FOCIH provide the Haitian diasporas, pamphlets and present and past project proposition in Haiti. We also decorate several local community leaders that support us in our programs

Attendees were informed about FOCIH projects in Haiti and also ways to educate their families in Haiti about the prevention of future hurricane and earthquake victims.

Closed to 100 people attended, including 10 radio talk moderators, 5 local Haitian Organization representatives. As a result of these briefings, 40 Haitian families received information on disaster prevention in Haiti

Miami, Florida

January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015


FOCIH held meeting events where Haitian Diasporas were informed of the current humanitarian situation in Haiti from the UN/OCHA perspective. 

FOCIH presented and garnered inputs/support, and share knowledge and information/videos on an innovative digital platform for the Haitian Diasporas, as well as connect NGOs, Entrepreneurs, Academia, and celebrities interested in supporting Haiti.

400 people attended the meetings, including 5 radio talk moderators, 20 Haitian NGOs in and Entrepreneurs in Florida

As a result of the briefing, 400 Haitian diasporas that were attended received information on the current humanitarian situation in Haiti and the United Nations work in Haiti that benefit vulnerable populations in Haiti.





January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015

FOCIH supports the US Navy comfort hospital ship in different areas: 
1- Provided medical interpreters to support mobile hospital and acute high level medical care for the mission. 2- Provided transportation and storage services for donated medical equipments. 3- Provided awareness training on waterborne diseases to a group of women in Leogane who received sawyer products of water filtration system. 
As a result of the support 6,000 patients received health care with the help of the volunteer medical interpreters- 100 students received certificates. $600,000 donated equipment and supplies were stored by FOCIH and distributed to local NGOs by the mission. 100 women received training in water cholera awareness.





January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015

                                                                                                                                 In Port-au-Prince, Haiti, FOCIH implemented an evacuation plan, exercises and simulations for several employees in the textile industry.

The eight- hour training exercises activities were to ensure a rapid and effective response in the occurrence of a natural disaster.

50 volunteers were assigned to one of 15buildings where they reported to a coordinator and were given further instructions.

The one-day training effort resulted in providing safety training exercises for 5,000 employees. 3 safety signs, Jackets, t-shirts and 10 rescuers were placed in each building.




January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015

In Port-de-Paix, Haiti, FOCIH has mobilized, sensitized and trained several local volunteers to the waste management. They have received three-hour training on waste management which poses a health and environmental hazard included presentations from the mayor office and the local health department coordinator in charge of sanitation issues, as well as the distribution of garbage bags, plastic gloves, t-shirts, shovels and picks, coupled with a tractor and trucks to remove mud.

Volunteers were assigned to one of ten locations where they reported to a coordinator and were given further instructions.                                                The one-day conservation effort resulted in the collection of 200 pounds of garbage, 50 cubic meters of mud were removed, 23 volunteers were trained and 2 miles of the community and market place were cleaned.

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti


January 1, 2015 - December

31, 2015

In the far west of Haiti, FOCIH has trained several groups of community paramedical rescuers. They have received two-hour training on paramedical rescuers. These groups were able to practice and play an important role in cultural and soccer events.

Volunteer groups were assigned to one of two stadiums where they were given further instructions during the game.  During those games, FOCIH provided the following to the soccer players and youth leaders in Haiti, which served over 1,000 youths annually. In-kind contributions sport

Financial contributions of $2000 for achieving goals related to administrative

And registration fees, food, transportation, lodging, videographers, DJ and band


This activity kept the youths off the street and prevented them from engaging in violence and delinquency.

Past interventions

FOCIH/Haiti Staff supported partners with several international organizations in Port-au-Prince in the aftermath of the earthquake to assist in the construction of camps for displaced victims.


FOCIH has the capacity to mobilize local workers and key population for the implementation of any project. One of the big examples was the mobilization by FOCIH to support the United States Navy ship that was deployed to provide medical care, good and services to the Haitian people. We mobilized our staff to train 100 women to use the Sawyer water filter they received for their homes. The training was conducted by our FOCIH staff and took about 4 hours to explain to the recipients how to operate and clean the filters. The women brought around 50 children of varying ages to the training with them.

The following day the team visited the orphanage where two of the filters were delivered while coordinating desks and shoes to be donated by FOCIH from the U.S. Navy ship employees.

Water health and sanitation were taught along with cholera awareness in Leogane Haiti. The Sawyer water filter system will provide clean drinking water to nearly 300 children and cost around $60 per unit. School desks and shoes were coordinated as a donation from the military to a community center in Leogane.



Dr. Leandre Moise
Thu Dec 24 18:32:37 2015
The Hospital Evangelique of Bombardopolis thanks FOCIH for the health medical and garments donations for patients and children that have been generous...


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