Friday October 20, 2017
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FOCIH is working on several projects to help rebuild the image of the island nation's communities. The projects include:

Environment - FOCIH is working toward a green city model to alleviate current degraded structural and environmental conditions, and also help improve the quality of life of Haitians by creating adequate waste management, environmental health management, and good water and air quality.

Water and Sanitation Projects - FOCIH engages in efforts to bring clean and safe water to Haitian communities. Hand dug wells, spring protection developments, shallow boreholes, deep boreholes, and water resource management all contribute to this effort. Our training programs also introduce innovations for sanitation and hygiene. Better sanitation offers greater dignity, privacy, and personal safety.

Education - FOCIH engages in initiatives to provide a viable and stable source of technical training for the safety, health and well-being of the Haitian communities, which give participants training in disaster preparedness, housing construction, environmental learning services, as well as and the building of schools, health care centers, community centers and sport centers.



Charles Moise
Thu Jan 3 1:28:14 2013
Local organization Chairman

FOCIH brought training and sanitation kitts for our local Haitian volunteers. FOCIH activities to clean up towns help c...


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