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Fri Sep 22 0:28:10 2017
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Sun Jul 16 4:00:14 2017
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Dr. Leandre Moise
Thu Dec 24 18:32:37 2015
The Hospital Evangelique of Bombardopolis thanks FOCIH for the health medical and garments donations for patients and children that have been generously offered to the Hospital. These donations have helped hospitalized children and patients to get better care in the hospital.
We thanks FOCIH and its dynamic team.
Commissaire Marie Ange Colinet
Fri Dec 4 14:50:13 2015
The National Association of Girl Scouts of Haiti (ANGH) thanks FOCIH for donations of equipment (benches, chairs) and other garments that have been generously offered to the association. This donation has allowed us to strengthen and complete the material of the Girl Scout’school, located at the extended Sylvia Street, Solino area; and the clothing that will be distributed to the most vulnerable children for Christmas among Beneficiaries families considered poor. The National Association of Girl Scout of Haiti is thankful to this foundation that works to improve the lives of the poor in Haiti, through its dynamic team FOCIH.
Charles Moise
Thu Jan 3 1:28:14 2013
Local organization Chairman

FOCIH brought training and sanitation kitts for our local Haitian volunteers. FOCIH activities to clean up towns help create healthier lives and build sustainable income in the community of Port-de-Paix, Haiti. Several activities to train our volunteers were well organized and effective to our residents in the north west of Haiti.
Pierre Richard Brutus
Thu Jan 3 1:27:14 2013
Demelus Local organization President

We represent several local organizations in the north west of Haiti and we have followed FOCIH projects and its recipients with interest. Their goals and objectives are a strategic advantage for Haiti as it attempts to empower local organizations in term of building good projects that impacting our communities.
Senator Melius Hyppolite
Thu Jan 5 1:20:53 2012
"During my visit to north west Haiti, I was impressed with some of FOCIH's activities to assist the people in the far west of Haiti. The contributions that they brings will help our youths developed their leadership and inter personal skills while curbing them from violence and delinquency."
Congressman Jusclaire Dorgil
Fri Dec 30 1:26:40 2011
"I greatly appreciate the FOCIH initiatives and how the organization is enhancing the quality of life and economic prosperity of residents in the community in north west Haiti."
Maire Gilbert Jean-Charles - Mayor
Thu Dec 22 1:25:38 2011
"The rural community residents in north west Haiti were very satisfied with the training given by FOCIH. The residents quickly learned the kind of construction and sanitation format that makes safe and strong structures while having access to the resources and materials needed."
Chairman Jude Jeudy Ph.D
Thu Apr 7 1:23:28 2011
GAREC Chairman

"FOCIH's programs directly assist in reducing barriers and building strong relationships among local Haitian organizations that lead to the successful development of Haiti."
Sat Apr 2 1:21:25 2011
I was extremely impressed with FOCIH effective and well-organized relief program in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. I have no doubt that they will maximize their efforts to help clean up and rebuild Port-Au-Prince.



Sat Apr 2 1:21:25 2011
I was extremely impressed with FOCIH effective and well-organized relief program in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. I have no doubt that the...


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