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Our experience and the knowledge that we have gained from working directly with local organizations in Haiti have shown us that the integration of our programs provides those living in extreme poverty the best chance of improving their lives, and this philosophy remains part of the solution for rebuilding the image of Haiti.

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The Foundation to Change the Image of Haiti, Inc., (FOCIH) is a 501(C)(3) organization based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Haiti. FOCIH is a nonpartisan non-profit academic foundation dedicated to improving the quality of life in Haiti through development and support of sustainable programs.


Our mission is to help improve the quality of life of impoverished population in Haiti by initiating and supporting programs and services that improve environmental conditions, water and sanitation, and educational services for the people of Haiti. FOCIH works in partnership with local Haitian organizations to provide solutions to the most pressing problems facing communities in Haiti.

Collaboration efforts between the Foundation to Change the Image of Haiti and the United States Navy USNS Comfort Continuous Promise Haiti initiatives.

About 20,000 patients in Haiti received health care last year through a unique partnership between the United States Southern Command and the Foundation to Change the Image of Haiti. FOCIH teams comprised of 10 administrative staffs and 100 students from the University of Notre dame, the University of Kiskeya and the state University of Medicine in Haiti. These students provided full medical translations to this mission while they learned valuable medical experience onsite at the Kilick and on the ship of the USNS Comfort, and received certificates.

FOCIH partnership to fulfill this mission was made possible by the generous support of the Tzu Chi Foundation, the United Nations (OSHA) and the Haitian Government Ministry of Health. It was a remarkable experience to work with the U.S. medical mission professionals from the U.S. Southern Command who made the care almost 20,000 Haitians possible. FOCIH is committed to work with other partners in the national in international level as part of efforts to improve the health of the Haitian communities.

FOCIH is committed to doing all it can to help Haiti and is actively seeking the support of everyone to bring its projects to fruition. We recognize that it will take not only passion and compassion to accomplish these tasks, but strong partnerships and financial commitment to make the rebuilding of Haiti possible.

FOCIH is currently registered in Haiti and has offices on the island. Our organization has established a diverse team in specialized fields to support our efforts in initiating, developing, and sustaining community programs that will help revitalize neighborhoods throughout Haiti and renew the hope of our Haitian people.

Why Donate to the Foundation to Change the Image of Haiti?

Your monetary donations will help alleviate the suffering of the Haitian people who are in need. In Haiti, we aim to teach sustainable methods and development techniques that will help Haitian families better care for themselves while reaching out to help and support one another.

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