Due to its geographic location and poor environmental conditions, the Island of Haiti is prone to recurring natural disasters. FOCIH recognizes such vulnerabilities and has developed and provided training in natural disaster preparedness, mitigation and management. The objective of these training is to provide a viable and stable source of technical education for the safety, health and well-being of Haitian, which will contribute to a healthy, stable, and safe environment in which to live, work, and play.

An example of one of FOCIH’s training programs is the completion of humanitarian assistance projects to provide clean water and other essential services to communities in Haiti. In this project water health and sanitation were taught, along with cholera awareness to a group of women who received a sawyer products water filtration system during the training in Leogane.

A second example of FOCIH’s training programs is where we provided safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene solutions for residents of the North West of Haiti. In these communities, we assessed the capacity of water wells, verified the feasibility of water sources, built sanitation facilities and promoted an awareness and practice of healthy water, sanitation and hygiene.

A third example of FOCIH’S training programs is the reinforcing capacities building and technical assistance that were conducted at the neighborhood and commune level at Tabarre, Port-au-Prince where sensitization and awareness-raising strategies (drill exercises, simulations, contingency plans) were considered in the training sessions, especially within the neighborhood water committees.

Our training allow participants to evaluate the various factors that contribute to Haiti’s level of vulnerability, learn new techniques to improve current degraded environmental and health conditions by creating efficient use of resources, such as adequate waste, health, water, and air quality management.

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Your monetary donations will help alleviate the suffering of the Haitian people who are in need. In Haiti, we aim to teach sustainable methods and development techniques that will help Haitian families better care for themselves while reaching out to help and support one another.

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